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Gaspard André


Born on March 16, 1840, street Juiverie in Old Lyon, Gaspard André studied at the Art school of Lyon under the direction of Antoine-Marie Chenavard, before going to Paris in the private workshop of Charles-Auguste Questel, then to the Art school of Paris. After a stay in Italy, the architect settled in Lyon in 1871. His major works in Lyon, or in the surroundings, are the temporary church of Saint-Joseph (1872), the protestant church on Guillotière quay (1872-1884), the Theatre of Célestins (1873-1877 and 1880-1881), the fountain of the Jacobins (1877-1886), the church of Saint-Joseph (1878-1883). the school complex of the street Tronchet (1880-1887). He also designed the town hall of Neuilly-sur-Seine (1879-1880 a project for which he won the first place prize but for which he could not be in charge of this construction because he was involved with the second building site of the Célestins), the university or Athenaeum of Lausanne (1889-1890), etc. He is also the author of funeral monuments and many villas.
In 1871-1872, Gaspard André obtained the second place prize in the contest for the construction of the Theatre of Geneva and, in 1893, the fourth place prize for that of the rebuilding of the Paris Opéra Comique. He died on February 12, 1896 in Cannes, only 56 years old.

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